What is customer care, anyway?

It's all about keeping your customers happy, and making them want to come back. How?

The first step

The beginning of customer care?
Solving your customers’ problems.

Your clients will need information, solutions and answers
and they’ll get in touch with you in a number of different ways:
emails, phone, internet, social networks...

Taking care of everything can become pretty messy, pretty fast!

helpdesk ticketing system

A software that puts everything in order.

Every help request you get is turned into what we call
a “ticket”, and stored safe and tidy in a single place,
so that you can concentrate on giving answers,
without wasting time

That's what a help desk service does, for you.

online helpdesk ticketing system
Now imagine something even better

A software that doesn't only manage
your clients' requests, but goes a step further
and enables you to reach out to them too.

A software that gives you the opportunity
to truly engage with customers.
A software that is both personal and easy to use.

free helpdesk software
it's exactly what you are thinking of.

It doesn't matter who you are, it doesn't matter what you do:
Deskero is so flexible it can easily adapt to your needs,
enabling you to bring your customer care to a new level of service.

help desk ticketing software for social media management
Social media management ain't easy.

Posting a few tweets and keeping your client’s Facebook page daily updated is now far from being enough: engagement needs to be more than this to become really effective.

Communication Agencies are always looking for a better, faster, more proactive way to keep their clients' social networks buzzing, and there’s little to envy about the social media manager in charge: the poor guy is pretty stressed out.

Managing all his clients' different accounts means looking around for mentions, replies and requests in a dozen different inboxes, while juggling proactive social engagement AND keeping an eye on competitors.

Social network are fast becoming a real pain in the neck. After all, what can a single guy possibly do?

With Deskero he can collect all the social inputs he gets from all his different clients' accounts in
a single platform.

He can also use filters and tags to search up anything in a snap, configure macros to prepare a set of frequent questions in advance, chat with customers directly from the different websites, and use advanced social monitor features to keep tabs on both direct competitors and the overall market.

Deskero can become a new and effective tool for a modern Social Customer Manager, enabling him to give his clients all-out service. And sleep soundly at night, knowing that everything is tidy and in order.

help desk ticketing software for customer care
Customer care: an essential part of any software development.

A successful software house has to keep the doors open to any input coming from the users and listen to their requests in order to fine tune a software to perfection.

With a young and social-savvy fanbase, feedback will come through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. And clients will get frustrated very quickly if the software they are working with crashes under their fingers: customer care has to act out really fast. Furthermore, customers requires constant update to take out bugs and deliver them new content.

Deskero streamlines the help desk process so that a few agents can quickly handle high numbers of tickets.

How? With its “one click reply” system, for a start: each answer flies out from the inbox with a single touch! And that’s just the beginning: with intelligent customization of macros and scenarios, ticket management becomes highly automated.

Creating an effective self-service channel is also essential: knowledge bases can be shared across tickets, mails and social networks, and customers can freely browse through it.

No matter if you have developed the next iPhone killer app, a great new smash-hit game or a brilliant accounting software: Deskero is here to help your agents finding smart, quick and personal answers to any kind of trouble your customer might find.

help desk ticketing software for e-commerce
A great product isn’t enough: you have to offer a complete experience.

E-commerce business is growing fast and steady. But in such a competitive economy it’s essential to give your clients the special attention they ask for.

Customers want support, and more than that: they also make never ending requests and want plenty of information before deciding to buy. Taking good care of them is an hard job, and social networks made everything even more complex, by multiplying the inboxes and the channels to manage.

Deskero will help you taking take care of customers transforming them into something more: real brand ambassadors!

The first step is to make your clients feel really at home: you can create a customer’s portal that looks, feels, and acts like your own and will allow them to get in touch with you in a smart and easy way.

You can also use different portals for your different products, while keeping everything very simple and allowing a small group of agents to take care of an incredible number of ticket requests.

And why stopping here? Through our great social integration you can also engage with your prospect clients and win them over: smart use of the social web can improve your customer retention, but also widen your market and sellings!

Your clients want to feel so much more than a simple transaction: they wants to feel special and to connect with you on a more personal level! With Deskero you can make your customer care super-fast and super-friendly and , put a bright smile back on their face!

it helpdesk ticketing software
Getting started is tough... this is something we really know about

We all start somewhere, and it’s always a tough place, with little money, lots of brilliant ideas and too many things to do in no time at all.

Being a latecomer in a tough market is hard, but that’s no excuse for falling short on customer service!
Quite the contrary: if there’s one way to succeed in a busy marketplace, it’s by being really special and by granting your brand new customers a completely unique experience.

Customer care goes a long way to woo clients: you should get to know them on a very personal basis… after all, they are your only hope of everlasting success!

But how? A brand new company has few resources to spare… and customer care is both hard and horribly time consuming (especially when done properly!). Social networks and chats require even more effort, and while we all know that asking for feedback is fundamental, it’s not always obvious where to start.

With Deskero you can get started right now, with no worries.

We did our best to offer a valuable tool whilst also designing a smart and beautiful experience for you and your customers: our software is dead simple and fast as light, and to use it you don’t need any special training or dedicated team.

You can immediately get a professional and customized web portal, create your personal knowledge base, keep track of your service level using analytics and even hook up your Twitter or Facebook account: Deskero is so easy to use and so quick to learn that you’ll get started in a minute... but so smart and functional you’ll never want to quit it.

Write us: we can discuss a custom set up for you. We are friendly people and we know how tough it’s to get started with a brand new business! Deskero enables you to get started in the right way by offering you all the basic functions you might need, and plenty of options to grow.

ticketing system for tour operator
Deliver premium quality, from take-off to landing.

Organizing a great trip or holiday is all about offering an incredible experience to the customer: quality, kindness and reliability are essential.

To obtain an incredible level of online service quality you have to work with the right kind of software: Deskero can help you pamper your clients in a hundred different ways. Your whole web portal can be freely customized: getting your own web domain, logo and color palette is as easy as can be, and will make the personality of your brand shine.

You can also use our extensive data customization in order to create a unique client database which can identify and filter your high priority customers to give them a very special service.

Need something more? You can get requests and feedback directly from your own web-site by setting up a fully customized widget: it’ll only take a moment and won’t require any kind of technical support from us, because with Deskero everything is as simple as could be.

And at the end of the holiday, you can follow your customers on twitter and make sure they are super-happy with their trip, being ready to “eavesdrop” on anything they might be saying about you through our great social monitoring features.

Deskero empowers you with great tools that are both flexible and easy to use, delivering an excellent level of service without having to worry about complex configurations and set-ups.

ticketing system for web-portal
Your readers love you: so the love them back!

A modern blog is made of hundreds of comments, its social pages always buzzing with activity: readers just want to interact! But keeping in touch with them can become quite a task.

Monitoring readers has always been hard, hence the stress of modern social networks: with hundreds of mentions and messages the situation can become impossible to manage even for the most skilled team of bloggers.

To maintain consistently high levels of service Deskero focuses on automation and help your team create a set of pre-configured answers (we call them “macros”) and most typical situations (or “scenarios”) that will easily and drastically reduce your ticket load. Most tickets will actually take care of themselves and you won’t have to worry about leaving them unattended.

The same goes for social networks: it’s easy to filter through them and take note only of the most relevant bits of conversation, so you can quickly skim through the gossip and find what you are looking for.

You can do all this without loosing sight of your personality: Deskero works just like that, up close and personal. Because nobody said that customer care has to be boring!

With thousands of users passing through its pages every day, a web-portal is a place of never-ending interaction: Deskero is the perfect tool to manage them with speed and ease in a smart and seamless work environment!

web based help desk
The customer care juggernaut

Imagine dealing with 10.000+ tickets every day: pretty scary, isn’t it? Of course, you can invest in hundreds of agents and look for the most complex software out there, spending hours on training and updates...

... or you can look for something new, a slimmer, more comprehensive solution, that enables you to do everything you need and focus on simplicity and readiness: a software like Deskero.

Deskero’s main focus is on offering a minimal and simple way to do everything a traditional help desk software does, but with less time and effort. We created a software that is both easy to use AND beautiful to look at, because that’s the way we feel about customer care: it should be simple, personal and modern.

Deskero is flexible enough to become everything you might need: you can customize the inside with custom data fields, custom top clients organization, custom access through your web site, etc. and the outside (using you own branding to make your portal a second home for your customers), but you can also ask for a complete make over: we offer full enterprise services and we can completely mould our software onto your business, whatever it is.

We provide the highest security standard, and we can comply with your company password standard and authentication system. We also offer you an open API that can easily work with any kind of company software you might already be using.

With Deskero you can gain all the advantages of a strong ticket management system, while enjoying a smart and slim workflow, thanks to an interface that is both pretty to look at and simple to use.