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Deskero completely moulded into the customer care philosophy of Despar Nordest. The result? An extremely collaborative ticket management, that is also very swift and perfectly integrated on a multi-channel basis.

About Despar Nordest

Despar Nordest manages a network of over 560 supermarkets (both directly managed and in franchising) in the Triveneto and Emilia Romagna regions. All Despar Nordest supermarkets are designed and customized to perfectly suit the needs of their buyers and they all share the same mission: from the little corner shop to the huge supermarket, they all focus on giving great value to the customer and offering him an ideal buying experience.

This doesn’t end at the supermarket counter: every point of contact with the client is an opportunity to grow and to carry the Despar brand within the Italian home.

Before Deskero

Carefully listening to clients has always been the utmost priority for Despar Nordest: paying close attention to every possible contact channel (online and offline) and being ready to respond immediately to very different inputs is fundamental for providing an excellent service and to rely on trusty consumers.

With the advent of social media the workload became extremely heavy: over 25.000 messages every year!

Furthermore, to provide the best level of service, Despar Nordest’s customer care team has always been organised in a very collaborative fashion: all the different departments are asked to contribute, and directly participate to ticket management with their know-how of specific products.

This well defined and complex management puts every department of the company in contact with clients: because offering an excellent service is an essential part of everyone’s day to day job.

In the mean time, new challenges have arisen: offering an excellent service, but also measuring it in order to extract meaningful data. It has become now essential to organize all the priorities, the different problem types and the timeframes and schedules, in order to make all this data relevant for the marketing and human resources departments.

With a growing following on social media, a very active YouTube channel and a constantly updated blog, requests became more and more numerous and different from each other: to maintain this high standard of quality, Despar Nordest’s customer care needed to evolve.

Deskero Rising

Despar Nordest needed to identify the right software tool: it had to be simple and effective, but also flexible enough to quickly adapt to their already existing team and workflow.

Despar Nordest’s customer care team and Deskero’s technical department worked closely together to identify the best solutions and adapt the software to specific company needs.

Working side by side with Despar, software integration was extremely quick: Deskero became fully functional in a matter of days and completely replaced the previous management system within a couple of weeks.

Training (both on site and online) was very quick, too. The customer care team didn’t have to change any of its collaborative strategy, but could now rely on a better tool to monitor all the different service phases: never forgetting anything again, and reducing times to a minimum.

The first fundamental step was to carefully design an integration with the Despar website: this was done through an extremely well organized web form used to send email, that acted as an effective filter for all the incoming requests.

The different departments (customer care, marketing, human resources etc.) could now coordinate in a more collaborative way, minimizing the waste of time and internal resources.

Despar Nordest also needed a complete branding of its online customer care portal, to align it with with the graphics of the web site and to make customers feel completely at ease.

To create an ideal platform, the overall experience of contact form, chat and support portal had to look and feel similar to the Despar brand.

To minimize mail traffic, Deskero created an email forwarding system to send messages to the head of each department, and to simplify the integration of all the different departments a specific workflow scenario was used: each single aspect of the system was carefully calibrated to optimize every phase of the ticket management process.

Despar Nordest was one of the first companies to take advantage of Deskero’s innovative chat system. Deskero is the first software in its category fully integrating a chat module into its system, without having to rely on extra components.

After Deskero

“Deskero immediately improved our customer care service, providing us with an effective and flexible tool to simplify every aspect of both the listening and the engagement of our clients.”

Marco Marchetti Despar Nordest

Results were already visible only one week after implementation: the creation of a well organized web form alone reduced non-pertinent email sent to the customer care team by 80%, by directly sending them to the right department.

The team could rely on an extremely short resolution time, thanks to its excellent internal organization: the average response time in around 24 hours, and most requests are resolved in minutes thanks to an effective configuration of macro answers and templates.

The Despar team could keep all its winning customer care strategies (strong personality, quick answers, great collaboration between departments) while also counting on better ticket management, strong tools to simplify the workflow and an effective set of reports.

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