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Simple help desk software
for effective customer

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Deskero brings you new ways
to interact with clients, engaging
them in personal conversations
through a simple, effective, no-frills
support ticket system platform.


At the heart of Deskero
is a rock solid
multi-channel support ticket system, flexible enough to be used
in any way you need!


Deskero has innovative engagement and chat features to empower
your team to interact
with customers
in a proactive way.

Help center

Allow your audience
to help themselves
through our self-service
: an open
database of immediately
available answers!


You can fine tune
Deskero as much as
you wish, creating
the look and the
that best
suits your team!

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Easy to use,
simple to understand,
quick to implement:
we are ready for
some REAL action!


Designed to give
more attention to
customers and more
productivity to teams!


Much more that a
traditional help
desk software:
our aim is to bridge the
gap between help
desks and CRMs


Reply to tickets
with just ONE click...
or automate your
answers through
template and smart

Discover a full suite of tools designed to help you transform customer’s questions into real commercial opportunities!

Already used by
customer engaging companies, around the world!

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reviewed on:

"Deskero offers simple
and highly flexible
helpdesk software that is
able to handle customer
requests from a variety of
channels, following the specific customer care
philosophy of a company."

"Deskero is a robust
traditional help desk
software but with a difference: it is proactive.
Deskero encourages
its clients to reach
out to their

"What sets the service
apart is that it also includes
support for social networks, enabling
users to automate
the importing of any
interaction no matter
where it’s initiated."

"Deskero has taken the
basic functionality of a
help desk system and
made it smarter. Final
verdict: Deskero
reimagines help desk for
improved customer interactions."

customer service software customer service software

Deskero has plenty of
subscription options and can
quickly scale with your
business: choosing has never
been more flexible!

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