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En los últimos 5 años, hemos hecho todo lo posible para ayudar a empresas de cualquier tamaño a resolver sus problemas de atención al cliente, ofreciéndoles una herramienta de software más ágil e inteligente

"Deskero ofrece un software de mesa de ayuda sencillo y altamente flexible capaz de manejar las solicitudes de los clientes desde una variedad de canales, siguiendo la filosofía específica de atención al cliente de una empresa."

"Deskero es un sólido software de mesa de ayuda clásico, pero con una diferencia: es proactivo. Deskero anima a sus clientes a contactar a sus propios clientes."

"Lo que diferencia al servicio es que también incluye soporte para redes sociales, permitiendo a los usuarios automatizar la importación de cualquier interacción, sin importar dónde se inicie."

  • Kyle Cowie

    Director at
    Penkridge Computers Ltd

    "As a company we have recently started using deskero and find the features are perfect for our support desk to log calls. The other benefit is the reporting from it and the fact it allows us to see response times and how long a call was open."

    Nicola Sanavio

    ICT Manager at
    TZ&A Studio Associato

    "We have been using Deskero for more than two years; we use it for our employees tickets in our two locations as well as for our customers. We are very pleased with its work. The first configuration was very intuitive. Using it on a daily basis we have found that it is user-friendly both for those who open tickets and for those who receive, allocate and manage them."

    Mark Kidd

    Head of Products at W.Consulting

    "If you have a support desk and need the auto ticketing options on client queries then Deskero handles this perfectly well without any hassles. Tracking a users ticket from beginning to end is easy and shows all responses and is very easy when it comes to allocating certain tickets to specific agents."

    Javier Suárez Ruanes

    Consultoría IVR, Call Center

    "It’s a good product for managing customer ticket requests. It’s ease for use and very intuitive. the best feature it’s to the ability to connect with social networks. It's a helpdesk all in one."

  • Silvia Pecile

    Software Developer
    CG Soluzioni Informatiche

    "We introduced Deskero in our company with the purpose of tracking all customers requests (calls, emails, tickets, etc.) in a single, easy-to-use software. Deskero accomplished all this: it is extremely easy to use, it has several functions that we use daily and make the difference in saving time (for example importing tickets from email addresses and sorting them between agents giving precise rules). The customer support is efficient."

    Santiago Muñoz-Chápuli

    Director General

    "Deskero is a easy to use solution for customer contact centers multichannel capabilities. It has, in only one environment, the capabilitiy to establish and maintain a conversation with a customer in a real multichannel environment. Any interaction is treated as a "ticket", independently of the channel. We used for twitter, facebook, chat, mail and web form. It has a very interesting social media monitor and a easy to use knowledge management library directly connected to contact management layer."

    Michele Mazzi

    Mazzi & C. Sas

    "I use Deskero to manage assistance needs for my clients (B2B Consultancy company ); it works very well with very good customizations possibilities."

    Mohsen Ghaemmaghami

    Front-end developer

    "Nice UX: It has a user-friendly user interface - Good server speed: As you submit a ticket or reply to a ticket, it responds very fast - Appropriate notifications for tickets"

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