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You’ll find an expert team ready to
answer your call, to personalize
every aspect of Deskero and
integrate it into your everyday

More than

Deskero is carefully hand-coded by
a bunch of adorable software geeks.

We are a real company, constantly
working side by side with our customers,
to craft a truly special product.

Special services or
custom features?
We got it covered!

We love to interact with our clients and
discuss with them about how we can make
our software even better.

Designing and crafting new ways to
customize Deskero for the most specific
customer care situations is what we do!

More features!

Design custom
automations to integrate

Deskero with any
software you are already
using: from specific email
clients to heavily
personalized CRMs.

Automate batch imports
and exports
, from and to
any type of heritage
software or database.

Create custom actions to
make your most common
policies even simpler to

Personalize workflows
with microfeatures,
organize custom internal
agents, or automate the
resolution of specific

More services!

Personalized sandbox
with separate databases:
you can beta test
workflows and
automations as much as
you want, with no impact
on your team’s

direct tech support


even through upgrades!

Custom servers that can
easily scale
through Amazon AWS:
choose the best
geographical option and
personalize your
performance for an ideal
user experience.

Deskero offers so much
more than a great software:
we can truly customize
every aspect of our product!

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