A help desk software

with a very human heart

Deskero might be up in the cloud but our team is right here,

ready to create a completely customized experience for you!

Designed by listening

  • There are many customer care tools out there, but Deskero is different.

    Our cloud is a pretty original one: it isn’t cold and stored in a far off server - it has a human heart and VERY big ears!
    We love to listen to our clients and we are never afraid of getting involved with their problems - after all, there’s always so much to learn!

  • Deskero was designed by listening to real life experiences and we never got tired of it: hearing what our clients think and need is what allows us to create some completely unique solutions, pushing our software to its limits and shaping it in a completely original way.

    The perfect solution is always personal and we are here to create it - perfect, just for you!

Excellent customer care is
just around the corner

Excellent customer care is much closer than you think! You already have everything it takes to give your clients truly great support: no one knows them better than you do, and nobody can give them better help - you just need the right tool... and that’s where we are ready to help you out!

We really believe that a great help desk is nothing more than a tool, that adapts to all your company’s most specific needs. This is why Deskero will never impose a hard-set workflow, or a rigid set of rules: we don’t have a secret formula, we just listen to your needs and offer you a simpler way to solve them.

Custom solutions to
unique problems

Each company is completely unique, and has completely unique customers: there’s no way you can make all this uniqueness fit into some ready-made best practice.

Excellent customer care is tailor made, by definition.

Even if we did our best to build a flexible software we perfectly know that sometimes it just ain’t enough and to solve your issue you simply need something that doesn’t exist -yet! So we are ready to bend Deskero even further, to really suit the most specific uses: we are always happy to think about innovative, bespoke solutions!

Some ideas?

A different kind of collaboration
In a very big company, customer care definitely requires a tight collaboration between many different departments to work at its best.

However this kind of workflow soon becomes sluggish, obliging agents to juggle tickets between different supervisors for days before actually being able to solve them, and having tonnes of messages going to and fro. Sooner or later something is bound to get lost...

You can use Deskero to create a custom email forwarding system to keep in touch with everyone, and we can also configure personalized automated reminders to always keep the really important stuff in mind!

Ain’t enough? You can also use a tailor-made workflow scenario that assigns different tickets to different departments and tracks their specific working time, allowing you to monitor not just the global service level, but also the performance of each single team.

The manual side of technology
Who says automation is always for the better?
What if you need a completely manual way to handle each single ticket, but do not want to give up a full system to organize, monitor and track it?
You can use Deskero and create a completely unique internal workflow, where every ticket is nursed, from start to finish, manually.

Giving up the typical “funnel” workflow (that unequivocally assigns a single ticket to a single agent and allowing escalation), a supervisor will manually decide how the ticket gets assigned. Each member of the staff contribute with their specific expertise to create an outstanding service, while always being updated on what the others are doing, in a truly collaborative environment.

Because even the most innovative technology requires a human heart to function!

Express your style, everywhere
A coherent graphical style in every aspect of your online presence is paramount to your branding… but what if changing the logo and the colors isn’t enough?

Drop us a note and we can do a complete graphic revamp of your portal, from both the customer and agent side, to make Deskero perfectly fit into your specific brand assets.

We’re right here,
ready to rock your world!