Now, let’s talk
about Bob.

Who’s Bob? Well, we could tell you he’s
just your average customer care
operator... but there’s nothing average
about Bob!

Bob has the most wonderful
and complicate job in the world, working in
the customer service department of a
little big company with big little clients


A customer care agent
with a very busy life!

Usually Bob is so awfully busy taking care
of other people problems that he hardly
has time for his favorite hobby:
eating donuts.

Trouble comes from many
channels... all at the same time!

Some clients are happy;
others, not so much... and they get
in touch with Bob, to get some help.

Bob constantly receives requests
from email, Facebook, Twitter.
He gets phone calls.
He even gets chats.

It’s hard work, and Bob is all alone
doing it (with no donut).

Luckily for Bob, his company uses
an awesome customer service software,
that makes his life a lot easier.

Putting order into chaos

While Bob is still eating his first breakfast
donut, Deskero has already done a good
deal of his job: all the clients’ request
are already sorted out
and in order,
ready to be taken care for.

No matter where they originally came
from: email or chat, Twitter or
Facebook... Deskero just collects all the
different requests and arrange them

according to their topic.

And when Bob is done with donuts,
taking care of customers will be
so much easier!

Automated life!

With Deskero, Bob can quickly
dispatch multiple answers at the
same time, or automate his workflow
to send out ready- made solutions to
common problems with a single
mouse click.

Chatting up

Bob can also interact with
clients in real time through
the Deskero chat system:
it’s really easy and super fast.

Saving your time!

Using Deskero Bob saves a bunch of
time, that can be used to better
solve clients problems
(not to
mention, to eat more donuts).

Open databases
of self-help

There are actually a lots of clients that
Bob never meets at all!
Many clients are able to help
themselves out just by browsing the
online database of answers.
was smart enough to get them ready
in advance, on the Deskero help
portal: there’s nothing he wouldn’t do
for his clients. (Except giving up donuts.)

Clients just go online et voilà: more
often than not, the solution is already
out there, ready for them!
They haven’t
yet typed out the question, and Deskero
is already hinting them the answer.

Bob’s boss is happy,

Through Deskero he can easily keep
track of how the whole team performs
over time, to better plan for the future.

An happy ending
ready for everyone!

At the end of the day Bob is happy
and can enjoy his evening donut.

His clients are even happier and even
more in love with Bob’s company.

Deskero has saved
another day!

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