Instantly find all your interactions
ready for you in a single place!

Through Deskero even the smallest team can quickly
manage several different channels at the same time:
from social networks to email.

Multi-Channel support

You can now receive help requests (we call them “tickets”) from everywhere - emails, phone-calls, chats, the web, social networks, APIs - and collect them in one single place.

Deskero will help you keep your customer care efficient, so that your agents stay productive and your clients become even happier!

Right from your website

Collect feedback and requests directly from your own web page, Wordpress or Magento site: you can quickly configure our widget and integrate it into your existing website, to provide an absolutely seamless customer care experience.

Mobile support, fast and approachable

With the Deskero app for customer service, your team can take care of tickets in a snap, from everywhere.

Replying to a ticket takes nothing more than a simple gesture and you can do this while watching TV from your couch: it’ll be done before the commercial ends, and multitasking will be a simple pleasure.

And of course, we mean chat, too.

Deskero chat system is completely integrated with our app and you can easily use your device to chat with registered customers, visitors or fellow agents!

One Click Reply

Instantly answer any ticket, with a single well placed mouse click.
Customer care with Deskero is as simple as that, and makes you save real time, so you can start focusing on your clients.

Personalized filters for a custom work space

Any agent can create customized searches with personalized parameters, using any data field he might need to create a custom filter that will be perfect for his workflow.

And it doesn’t end there: the custom filter can easily be saved and it will always be ready, right in the left menu with all the other Deskero’s standards filters.

Personalized filters for a custom work space

All the features you need
with no complication attached!

Customer care doesn’t have to be difficult:
with Deskero you can create a custom management
that works seamlessly with your company’s needs.


Grouping, tagging,

You can organize tickets into areas (like marketing or administration) and groups (such as types of products or services), but you can also create custom tags (or labels), to keep everything in order.
Tagging, filtering and prioritizing tickets is as easy as clicking on them!

Ticket merging

Customer care can become tricky: what if you need to merge two different tickets into a single one? Deskero will guide you through the merging process and simplify it for you, so you can keep your workflow quick and seamless.

go ahead and merge

The very best clients

Your most important clients are important for us, too: make sure they get the special service they deserve, by keeping them constantly monitored and granting them immediate answering.

Ready to be delivered!

Getting the same request over and over?
You can quickly increase your productivity by automating everything, and answer in no time, by using pre-configured common questions (we call them "canned answers") that can be set up to satisfy your specific needs and delivered in seconds!


Scenarios to go!

You can simplify your workflow by using automated scenarios to take care of all your most frequents situations: configure a set of actions and choose whether to perform them manually or automatically, every time a certain condition is met.

Our event based engine can be used to perform better in recurring situations, by creating customized workflows.

Ticket configuration rules

Use groups and areas to streamline your workflow around tickets and automate their assignment to specific agents or to company departments.

Set up business rules in order to simplify your work and maximize your agent's productivity: our rules engine can be completely configured in order to support any kind of workflow...

...even a completely manual one!

Timed automations

Timed automations

Every automation can now be timed, creating actions that will be automatically triggered within a specific time frame.

For example, you can send an email prompt to a client that hasn’t replied in over 48 hours; or you can automatically close tickets (by changing their status) that have been left unanswered for a set number of days.

Through timed automations the everyday management of all the most common actions will be even more streamlined and simplified.

Social customer care, in real time?!
Be there, done that!

Social networks and chats are a great way to really
get in touch with customers in a more personal way.
You can use them easily, with Deskero!

A truly unified workflow

Social networks shouldn’t be feared so much: they are just a different range of channels to engage! Through Deskero, your social customer care becomes just another side of your everyday workflow: Twitter and Facebook requests can now be monitored, reported and analyzed as easily as any others. And by the very same team, with no need for any external social media specialist!

Ready at log-in!

Deskero interacts with your social channels natively, with no need of any complex configuration. You can finally stop hunting for messages here and there: each and every type of mention you receive from any social platform will be converted into a ticket and delivered right into your inbox, so you can answer it in a second and never lose a mention again.

Smart social integration

Deskero natively supports all your social networks: you can automate the import of any interaction into your platform, categorize, prioritize and assign it to a specific agent or company department.

From Twitter’s direct messages to Facebook posts, the system can manage any type of social input! You can immediately import it and also automatically decide its properties and categories, to further automize your social customer care.

Instant chat tickets

If your customers need immediate help they can instantly open a chat with an available agent. A chat dialogue can be converted into an open ticket, and integrated into Deskero seamlessly.

You can also chat directly from your website, setting up our simple chat widget on your pages.

Customized chat workflow

You can use chat just like any other channel and organize your agents into groups, based upon your different departments (marketing, technical help etc.), in order to assign them only some specific chat sessions.

Each group will receive and manage only the chat requests that relate with them, in order to optimize the workflow and simplify the process.

Grab attention, every time!

Immediately grab the attention of your website’s visitors, with a completely automated greeting chat!

Our chat widget allows you to create a quick chat balloon, that pops out and welcomes all the visitors: you can decide when and how this balloon will appear and you can also personalize it with custom text and images.

Monitor all your team’s activity
and plan for the future!

Tracking everything your team does is really easy,
and you can use the collected data in any way you
want: from planning schedules to budget decisions.

Supervise from the inside

In order to help you offer a better service to your customers, the Premium plan includes free access to internal agents (administrative staff, coordinators, other staff members...), who supervise the work and help other agents solve requests.

Chatting with the team

Interacting in real time with each member of your team is easy: you can do it without leaving the platform, through Deskero’s internal chat.

A great way to save time and always be updated with everything going on with your customers and inside your team!

Ready to time track?

Need to keep an eye on your timing?
You can use our internal time tracking system to monitor how much work every ticket needs, and even add billing information before exporting the complete data.

Post-it and never forget!

Keep a constant check on all the important stuff to do, with our integrated post-it system (strictly reserved to the team!) which will help your agents interact and remember everything, so they can keep their real life desks tidy and their workflow smooth.
And with custom reminders associated to the note, forgetting about it will be almost impossible!

Drafting away

Feeling in need of a coffee break? Just leave that ticket (or reply or knowledge base article) and worry not: when you come back you’ll find it exactly where you left it, thanks to our auto-save feature.

Your draft will always be available for you to re-open and edit: you’ll be able to get back to work whenever you like, with no fear of losing anything!

Reports & analytics

Visualize and make your productivity and your efforts visually clear, with more than 20 pre-made graphical reports that can be used with a single click: you'll always have an accurate vision of how well your customer care is performing.

Need something more specific? You can create custom reports and also export them to CSV/XML to make them available wherever you need them.

Service level management

Set your service level targets and keep tabs on them: you can make sure your service level is always up to expectation and be instantly notified if something doesn't work, by customizing your own set of missed target actions.

Analyze your ratings and simplify your staff planning and needs, while keeping an eye on your customer satisfaction rate.

Personality is everything
so let your style shine through!

You can customize everything: from design details to
database organization. Deskero can look and feel
exactly as your brand need!

Custom data fields

Personalize your database for tickets, clients and time entries, by manually inserting any kind of field you might need in your records. And you can even create custom connected data fields. With just a couple of mouse clicks Deskero can adapt to your business and become exactly what you need.

Domain Mapping

Make sure your customers always know where they are, by assigning your personal web domain name to the Deskero interface! And you can also have a personal email domain for all the notifications coming out from the software.

Very personal emails

Mails coming from the system do not have to look boring and cold! You can totally customize every single email message, in every supported language with a custom set of templates. And if you don’t want them to come from Deskero... we can easily customize the address too!

Your personal “chat” style

Our chat widget supports complete personalization: you can choose in which web pages you want to use it, if your prefer to use it as real time chat tool or simply as a feedback tool and you can also edit its text, color and content. And activating it is as easy as copying and pasting in each web page!

A web portal for each of your products.

Need multiple product support? No problem: we can set up different portals, one for every product or service you have, and you can use the same agents or introduce your own personal rules to manage them. Different web portals can support their own specific languages, knowledge base areas, chat widgets and rules and you can use them to create completely different customer care areas for specific services or products.

Self help is the best help:
allow your customers to get it right!

You can create public databases of F.A.Q., common
problems and available solutions: nice and ready,
for all your customers out there!

A database of answers!

Through your personal editable knowledge-base you can create a database of solutions immediately ready for all your customers in need of answers. You can add images and videos to make it even clearer, and also insert a download area to make content available to your customers!

Frequently Answered Questions

By entering your most frequent questions and procedures in the Knowledge base, you can simplify your daily workload and reduce your ticket numbers. Your customers will be able to browse and rate the solutions, suggest new topics and find what they're looking for by themselves, with just a simple search.

Helping your staff helping others

Knowledge base can also be used as an internal tool, to create an extensive database of solutions visible only to your agents.

You can completely organize your content making it available to whomever you need it to: agents, teams (groups of agents), or specific clients.

Answer... before they ask!

Thanks to our ticket deflections feature, Deskero will prompt clients with knowledge base items related to their question before they even send it out! The system will track the keywords they are using in the text of their ticket and automatically suggest a possible knowledge base solution: clients will be able to solve their problem, without even having to ask.

Knowledge to share

You can link any item already in your knowledge base to your ticket replies, so you can make sure everything is super-clear for your client. But you can also share your knowledge base on Facebook and Twitter, to provide group answers to general problems.

From ticket to knowledge base

Every ticket story can become a knowledge base item, available for immediate reference: with Deskero, making your case history ready for your customers' needs is just a matter of a few mouse clicks.
You can also categorize and search your knowledge base to gain instant access to past cases.

A full download portal

Using Deskero’s knowledge base you can also create special download areas to make files available to your clients. Updates, drivers, documents: you can create a complete archive online, where everyone can download anything they need with a single mouse click!

We work hard to keep you safe.
Security, first and foremost!

Your and your customers’ safety (and privacy!) is our
top priority: we do everything with the highest security
standard, or we don’t do it at all.

Sleep tight

You can sleep soundly at night, knowing that all your data is safe with us! We might be a cloud-based software, but we are rock-solid when it comes to security.

With an uptime of the 99.9%, you can be sure your team will never hit a bump: we have multiple redundant backups, and our servers are strategically placed in different geographic locations in order to achieve the utmost performance to never, ever slow the team down.

SSL encryption and certificate hosting.

Our policy is to only accept SSL web connections, thanks to Deskero’s SSL certificates as well as those of our clients, whom we host on our servers. This way it's possible to use your preferred URL, based upon your company's domain name, to access your fully encrypted help desk!

Network restriction and trusted access

You can decide to allow agents access to the portal from the company’s internal network, blocking any external access that hasn’t been previously authorized. It’s also possible to specify which IPs can gain access, and to allow it for a specific period of time, in order to easily manage access and administration from different headquarters.

Configurable password policies

You can freely choose the level of complexity of each password, and also decide when (and if) they need to be periodically changed by administrators, agents and clients: this way you can comply with any kind of company standard you might be already using.

Remote authentication/SSO

Name your company's authentication system, and we'll seamlessly adapt to it! From LDAP to Microsoft Active Directory, to every other custom software, you can easily connect it to Deskero through our Single Sign On system, creating and maintaining a single log in.

Data retention features
for GDPR compliance

Thanks to our custom data retention features, you can easily decide for how long you want to store all your data. Both your tickets' and your clients' databases are completely customizable to be fully compliant with any type of privacy policy… from GDPR to your own.

Custom server set-up

Of course we can place your platform on a custom server, geographically located closest to your company, in order to get even better performance and keep your data close by your side! And we can also manage specific dedicated instances for really busy teams!

Infrastructure certifications for Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS allows us to offer you great flexibility and security, and to perfectly scale and adapt to every possible need. Your data is super safe, thanks to a number of amazon certifications and to the DDoS native attack mitigation system.

A world of other softwares
to interact with!

No software is an island... and neither is Deskero!
Through our network of integrations there are endless possibilities
to perfectly adapt your customer care to your workflow.

Dialogue is one of Deskero’s topmost priorities:
we constantly strive to improve the dialogue between
our software and ANY other technology!


Through its proprietary Restful API system Deskero can perfectly integrate any other software, be it cloud or on-premises: you can develop custom interfaces as well as personalized databases to make Deskero seamlessly part of your everyday workflow.

Don’t know where to start? Just ask us: we’ll be happy to do it for you!


To streamline its data syncing with any external software Deskero also uses Webhooks to send out feedback in real time and to keep everything perfectly updated.

Every time a specific event happens the Deskero system will automatically call up your software, immediately updating its databases. Your databases will always be consistent and you can say goodbye to manual import and export!


Full Zapier support

Deskero works with Zapier and with all its 750 supported apps: you can easily make all your most used software work together with nothing more than a couple of mouse clicks.

CRM, project management, lead import and assessment, multi channel communication, social media, bookkeeping: you name it and Zapier has it! And you can have everything working together in a snap, effectively sending data to and fro without having to mess with a single line of code.

Integrated email management

Already using Gmail or Outlook? Great!
The integration between your emails and Deskero’s tools is really seamless and you can convert any email into a ticket with a single mouse click: no problem, no hassle!

magento wordpress

E-commerce and publishing

Deskero also integrates both Magento and Wordpress, allowing it to receive and manage tickets through the two most used e-commerce and e-publishing systems.

Still not enough?
We can completely personalize the software
to make it work exactly the way you need it to,
and perfectly assimilate any pre-existing technology.
Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you out!

get in touch

Want to know more, discover all our personalized
features, and learn how we can help YOUR business?
Get in touch: we can talk and see how we can
help you out... custom style!