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To better adapt to the very specific needs of the Easydom technical team, Deskero has been completely customized, with a brand new ticket management workflow and a different way to organize top clients.


About Easydom

The goal of Easydom is to transform domotics and home automation into a simple and manageable technology that everyone can use in everyday life.

To render such an innovative technology easy to use is not a simple task, and this is why the starting point for Easydom has always been attentive and dedicated listening to all customers and their needs.

With a branch in Italy, one in the USA and one in Mexico, Easydom is a fast growing company, that operates in a highly innovative market. To offer excellent customer care, at every phase (from the initial information request to technical support while physically installing components) is a vital part of the company’s mission, which is propelled by the idea of offering the greatest possible quality to both end clients and commercial partners.

Before Deskero

Thanks to Deskero’s flexibility and tailor- made personalization we have significantly improved our help desk. Our clients can now communicate with us through a more direct and professional platform.
Lorenzo Santagata

Easydom is built around a very dynamic technical team, where every moment of customer care is highly collaborative and needs to be coordinated with the utmost attention, in order to provide the greatest attainable level of service. To preserve and improve this way of dealing with customers was the utmost priority.

To manage all the different necessities of very different types of customers was also very important: the Easydom team needed to monitor different channels (from website to phone), solve many different problems (from single product to designing and planning complete systems), get in contact with many different clients (from business professionals to families).

To maintain a high quality standard and short resolution time, the team needed to invest a great deal of internal resources: a traditional hep desk, based on a rigid ticketing system was no longer enough. Easydom needed an innovative, flexible tool, that could save time and simplify customer care.

Deskero Rising

The goal we tried to achieve was this: to automate and simplify day to day management, in order to free up internal resources and allowing them to get in touch with clients and make the service better.

To achieve this, Deskero’s team worked side by side with Easydom’s customer care department, to adapt to the company’s needs.

The first thing was to develop a graphical personalization of the Deskero system, which allowed the customer care platform to become seamlessly integrated with the online experience of Easydom clients: this was an essential requirement for the company, who wanted to offer their clients continuity online and offline.

To offer the best possible service to its clients, Easydom allows them to get in touch directly with the internal technical staff, that collaborates with customer care by bringing in its know-how gathered on field.

Easydom ticket management is extremely innovative: unlike the typical “funnel” workflow (that unequivocally assigns a single ticket to a single agent and allowing escalation) Easydom implements a more open workflow, where every agent is constantly updated on what the others are doing and can contribute to their tasks with their own expertise.

Incoming requests are manually sorted by an agent that assigns them to three different departments, who are constantly working together.

Among Easydom’s most important priorities is the need of providing outstanding service to clients that are very different from each other. Offering quick and accurate assistance to private clients that need more information is as vital as giving total priority to commercial partners and technicians. This is where Deskero’s “Top clients” feature proved to be fundamental to efficiently utilize the platform.

Easydom’s technical team operates by multitasking different activities, splitting between design and customer care. To further reduce resolution times, system notifications where totally customized to simplify all manual monitoring and minimize all time losses.

The team also opted for an innovative management of ticket status’: often, tickets stay “open” during long weeks in order to give technicians all the time they need to verify and test all possible solutions. The notification system and the chronology of all the one- to-one interactions were absolutely vital features to simplify this potentially chaotic management of tickets.

After Deskero

Thanks to the advanced personalization, Deskero perfectly adapted to the mindset and the workflow of Easydom: the setting up period was extremely quick and the team didn’t feel any discontinuity while changing the system. The training required for everyday usage of the software was basically none (leaving aside the advanced scenarios configuration and customized set up done by the Deskero’s team).

The biggest obstacle was rationalizing the workflow, simplifying all operations and making them systematic. Once they fully understood the platform, agents were immediately able to carry on with their previously consolidated methodologies.

A great level of customization allowed Easydom to use Deskero to make its customer care even better then before. It was possible to drastically reduce not only the answering time but also the management, allowing the staff to use internal resources to create better and more personal points of contact with customers.

Without making its customer care team any bigger, Easydom was able to greatly improve its own service level. While expanding in a complex market, Easydom is currently experimenting with some brand new geo- localization features, and real-time live-chat, to offer immediate help directly from its website.

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