Who we are is what we do

Our mission is to offer you a beautifully simple software that will truly empower you,
giving you the means to help your customers, communicate with them and make them happy.

We believe that modern customer care can’t be achieved by simply answering requests. Real communication can’t be passive: you have to reach out, engage with people, get in touch with them.

We believe that customers won’t be content with a “nice” service: they want a great experience. They want to be able to share what they love about your brand, and you want them to become real influencers, capable of amplifying your ideas and products all over the web

We believe in working hard to create a great product, without stopping at front values and always looking for the next step in whatever we do.

The people involved

We are a small team with big ideas
and we’re focused on giving you the best possible customer care software
to make your work environment beautiful and your life easier!


Founder & CEO

Fausto started coding when he was around 6 years old, and never stopped. He went on to study economics, project management and communication, and enjoyed some great experience as a software architect.
For over a decade he worked as a freelancer, helping out small and big clients, and then decided to find a better way to offer truly great customer care with a new, streamlined software: that was the start of Deskero.
Deskero was born as a dream project, and required a great deal of planning, dedication and effort to grow into a fully functional software: Fausto did all this, and much more. Now he is quite proud of his baby: it was a giant leap, made of small steps.


Communication Strategist

Ebe does nothing but write: it’s both her job, her hobby and her longest ever relationship. She writes about communication and people and dogs and marketing, and she loves to understand the reason behind everything.
She helped Deskero learn how to speak. She wrote all of the words for the website and the software and scribbled tons of documents about marketing and communication. It took a lot of time and commitment: Deskero is made of the same stuff as her sleepless nights... yet she loved every single minute of it!


Head of product and innovation

Valerio manages Deskero's roadmap definition with a strong focus on innovation, taking care of requirements, customers interviews and all the most crucial product stuff. However, he’s much more than your average "product guy” and balances his complete dedication to product development with a strong marketing and business soul.
He started as a developer, than took a degree in Marketing, a Master in Business Administration, a Pragmatic Marketing certification, two SCRUM.org certifications and a data analyst nanodegree. He just never gets tired of learning: he is so curious and willing to expand his knowledge that in his free time he continues to study new things, from data analysis to machine learning and Android development.


Senior Developer

Mike coded a lot of Deskero: from front-end to back-end, and also handled certain aspects of its design and user interface. He had all the skills and the experience for this huge task: he’s been designing and developing web software since the very beginning.
His great technical fluency is matched only by his even greater enthusiasm: Deskero was a labor of love, skill and dedication.


Sales & Marketing

Nicolò is a digital marketing professional, with an entrepreneurial background in content management and online advertising. He’s always busy with many aspects of Deskero’s marketing & sales, ranging from social media marketing to sales/CRM, but he still manages to be a music fanatic, serial traveller and also a crossfitter (well, kind of).


Customer specialist

Ashok started his working life as a computer trainer, but his enthusiasm for startups and his dream of one day becoming an entrepreneur soon steered his career in a different direction. He joined Deskero in 2013, and since then his attitude and determination has been crucial in most aspects of our customer support and beta testing.


SEO specialist

Claudio has been developing websites since 1999. He began as a webmaster and soon developed many different skills in web design and front end web development. Since 2010 he has been involved mainly in the study of search engine optimization and now he's the proud owner of several websites ranking on the first page of big G.

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