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With Deskero, the TotalErg’s Fuel Cards division was finally able to automate the vast majority of its everyday activity, with a significant improvement of speed and quality of service.


About TotalErg

TotalErg was born in 2010 by the merging of ERG Petroli and Total Italia. The company is active in wildly different areas of business: from oil refining to downstream and retail, through a widespread network of over 2.500 points of sale.

The Fuel Cards division operates inside the Retail Management and is in charge of selling fuel through the use of specific cards: they represent an ideal resource for companies, effectively simplifying fuel management.

With the TotalErg cards companies can quickly monitor their expenses, making their accounting easier while also taking advantage of customized fuel price. Retaining a high level of customer satisfaction is absolutely essential, but there’s more work to do: the customer service team also supports the marketing and commercial departments in the activity of recruiting new customers.

Before Deskero

The ticket volume that the Fuel Card division has to face is indeed quite high: there are over 30.000 registered clients and every day the customer service receives an average of 150 requests, for a total volume of over 50.000 tickets generated every year.

Clients are quite different one from one another: from small companies with a single car to bigger enterprises with a fleet of several hundred vehicles. Requests are also wide ranging: from simple back office situations (such as the need to modify a single card data or some personal information) to more open commercial requests. To add even more complexity to the customer service management, there’s also multi-channel to account for: while most requests comes through email, there are also many tickets coming from the TotalErg web site and through telephone.

The TotalErg customer service team is made up of around ten internal resources, that work together with an equally numerous external team. The external team manages most of the common day to day requests, leaving the solution of more complex situations to the internal team as well as the pre-sale management. Before Deskero, the main bulk of the work was done directly via email.

But despite the use of several different templates, effectively employed to quickly take care of the more common situations, this type of approach was very time (and effort) consuming for the whole team. The main fault of the system used before Deskero was its rigidity: the interface was bulky and not user-friendly; workflows couldn’t be automated ; management rules were fixed and required complex interventions in order to be modified.

Deskero Rising

TotalErg needed to rely upon a quicker, more flexible system, a system able to allow easy and immediate customization as well as a high level of automation.

In 2016, in collaboration with the new supplier of its call center, MM Contact Service, TotalErg selected Deskero for its technical specifications and its great automation potential.

The software was implemented in less than a month and the training sessions were extremely quick, thanks to the simple and user friendly interface. After a couple of quick modifications, designed and coded in collaboration between Deskero, TotalErg and MM Contact Service, the team was able to immediately get started. These personalizations allowed the system to seamlessly adapt to TotalErg’s customer care, making the operator’s everyday life (and work!) much easier.

For example the main software desktop was modified to show all the open tickets, becoming a useful reminder of the work that still needs to be done. For the very same reason the ticket’s order has been modified to show the oldest tickets first, thus reducing client waiting time.

The great flexibility of the software allows every team leader to personalize the workflow according to the needs of his team, adapting it in real time to their constant evolution.

For example the possibility of creating custom response templates (even with image attachments) has proven to be vital for a team that faces technical requests everyday and has to provide quick and highly detailed answers. The possibility to use custom predefined messages was also a game changer.

Thanks to the great flexibility of the assignation rules, the team has notably improved its internal coordination, avoiding the continuous bouncing of replies between operators and reducing the tickets’ closing time.

The ability to immediately modify each agent’s permissions as well as the working groups and the automated scenarios was also fundamental to improve the management of all working groups.

Deskero was also particularly useful for dealing with tickets coming from the web, thanks to the creation of automated assignation rules that split the ticket volume between different teams. One of the features that was most enjoyed and used by the staff was the ability to personalize the auto-responder to send an email that confirms the opening of a ticket on the website: a vital tool to track the traffic of web requests.

Integrated reports also have a very important place in the TotalErg customer care management: they allow not only to constantly monitor the performance of the whole team, but also to enhance the coordination and the workload distribution.

This improves the role of team leaders but also the overall resolution of more complex cases. The flexible management of all the permissions also allows each group to be enlarged or reduced according to the expected work load.

After Deskero

“With Deskero, the TotalErg’s Fuel Card division was finally able to automate the vast majority of its everyday activity, coordinating the teamwork of several groups and reducing the average customer waiting time by 15% in just a few months.”

The TotalErg customer care team can now guarantee a closing time of less than 2 days for 93% of its tickets, while the average waiting time is less than 36 hours.

The numerous closing templates and automated answering and archiving scenarios offer excellent automation, allowing the team to work through daily requests quickly and efficiently. This frees up more time and more energy, that can be devoted to the manual management of the most complex cases and “emergencies”.

After the implementation of Deskero the overall performance of the customer care team of the Fuel card division improved by 15%: an excellent result that allowed the internal team to work more efficiently while giving the end client a much better service.

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