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Per agent per month
USD 0.00
1st agent
USD 12.00 USD 30.00 USD 120.00 Local taxes (VAT) will be charged in addition to the prices mentioned.
Per agent per month
with annual payment
USD 4.00

per agent per month per extra agents

USD 9.00 USD 25.00 USD 90.00
Max agents 5 Unlimited Unlimited  
Max customers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited  
  • Support Channels
    Web Ticketing
  • Ticket management
    One click reply Quickly answer ticket directly from the ticket list, with a single mouse click
    Take in charge Manual handling of tickets, without the assignment rules, but with a classical queue management
    Canned answers Configure standard answers to your most common requests and save your time
    Custom database fields Add to your tickets any type of information field you might need for your specific business
    Ticket custom tagging Create personal tags to help you filter your tickets
    Customizable ticket areas and groups Define ticket areas (e.g. marketing, administration...) and group tickets (e.g. by product type) to simplify search and management
    Top clients management Top clients management
    Ticket configuration rules Set custom rules to manage tickets and assign them to specific agents or groups of agents.
    Ticket's activity log Record any kind of activity related to each ticket: from agents, customers and system's events (scenarios, service levels, etc).
    Ticket time tracking Track the amount of time spent on every ticket
    Customize email templates Edit and customize your email templates
    Ticket merge Guides you in merging different tickets into a single one
    Save drafts Deskero saves articles drafts automatically
    Spell checker Each misspelled word is highlighted in red and immediately brought to your attention
    Full text search Search through your content with ease
    Smart filters are available to search tickets Search tickets by customer/company name, ticket categories and other properties
    Smart filtering for email import Import tickets from configured inboxes, filtering them through smart keywords (inserted in the subject or in the text)
    Email attachments import Email attachments import
    Attachments limits (per file) 2 5 10 20 in megabytes
    Spam filtering Filter tickets based on specific criteria
    Instant chat tickets Real-time chat on your support portal, that can be immediately converted into a ticket
    Internal agents For each agent, get a free access to an internal agent, to help and supervise the work
    Images, videos and attachments Quickly insert images, embed videos and attach every type of file into your tickets and your replies
    Standard/compact view View tickets the way you like - switch from Standard to Compact view or vice-versa to organize tickets better
    Link chat conversations Link customer tickets with their chat conversations
    Archive tickets Archive processed tickets, to focus on the current work and to clear your inbox
    Agent signatures Agents can setup default signatures
    Agent collision detection Real time notification to agents when another agent is simultaneously replying or modifying a ticket
    Desktop notifications (supported by four major browsers) Get an alert when there is a new ticket or a response
    Forward to external agents You can forward the ticket to external agents without a Deskero account, enabling them to collaborate to the ticket's management.
    Forward to external people Forward the ticket to external people without a Deskero account.
    Integration with Microsoft Outlook Transform Outlook emails into Deskero ticket with a couple of clicks of your mouse. You can also assign them to specific categories, areas or agents, right from your favorite email client.
    Email notification delivery status Check the status of every email notification you send, and immediately re-send it in case of error.
    Notes on closed tickets You can add internal notes while closing a ticket, to share insights between agents.
    Custom ticket status Create custom statuses for your tickets: scenarios, service levels and reports will automatically adjust to your tailor made settings.
    Custom ticket priority Create custom priority levels for your tickets: scenarios, service levels and reports will automatically adjust to your tailor made settings.
    SMTP/Deskero email Send your email replies either through our system (Amazon AWS) or through a custom SMTP server.
    Timed automations Every automation can now be timed, creating actions that will be automatically triggered within a specific time frame.
    Personalized filters for a custom work space Any agent can create customized searches with personalized parameters, using any data field he might need to create a custom filter that will be perfect for his workflow.
  • Chat
    Chat widget for your websites Chat directly from your website through a simple plug & use chat widget (Javascript or Popup window), then quickly convert any chat session into a ticket
    Mobile Friendly Optimized to work with mobile browsers
    Track visitor navigation history Track everything that customers see on your webiste
    Customize look and feel Personalize your widget by editing text, colors, buttons and borders
    Chat Groups Organize your incoming chat requests into different groups
    Custom Greetings Greet your visitors with custom messages
    Greetings delay Choose whether you want to greet visitors instantly or with a time delay
    Sound alerts Deskero alerts every time a message is sent by customers so agents need not worry while multi-tasking
    Desktop notifications (supported by four major browsers) Alerts agents when there is a new chat or a message
    Attention grabber Grab the attention of your web site's visitors adding a custom image like your own logo or a photo.
    Real time chat analytics Real time chat analytics can instantly track all incoming chat requests, without converting them into tickets.
  • SMS
    Send and receive Text Messages Deskero natively supports MySMS and helps you answer customers real time. Any text message sent by customers to your phone number will automatically convert into ticket. Agents can reply, track and manage them from the support portal like any another ticket
    File attachments Deskero allows file attachments from customers which will be synced with original tickets. Files can also be attached via dashboard and send to customers via SMS channel.
  • Knowledgebase
    Knowledge base creation from ticket stories Create a knowledge base item starting from a ticket reply
    Ticket reply from a knowledge base solution Insert reference to a knowledge base item in a ticket
    RTE and HTML editor Switch from rich text editing to HTML or vice-versa
    Full text search Search through your content with ease
    Save drafts Deskero saves articles drafts automatically
    Customers proposals Customers can send in suggestions and proposals
    Knowledge base groups and areas Create different categories to organize your knowledge base
    Download areas Create knowledge base areas where customers can download any type of file or document
    Internal knowledge base Configure a private knowledge base for your internal team
    Knowledge base on Facebook Share a knowledge base item on Facebook
    Knowledge base on Twitter Share a knowledge base item on Twitter
  • Customer management
    Auto sync customer form Automatically add & sync new contact data to the customer form, each time he contact you on a new channel
    Customer CC Add additional addresses to send carbon copies of a ticket response
    Custom data fields Add to your tickets any type of field that might be useful to your specific business
    View all company tickets View all tickets within a company
    Conversation history Create a unique chronology of tickets and replies, on any available channel, to collect and automatically save each conversation with a client
    Customers import Customers import procedure from Microsoft Excel and CSV
    Customer satisfaction survey (CSAT) Customer satisfaction survey (CSAT)
  • Task Management / Support Task Calendars
    Task management Add one or more tasks to support tickets
    Task planning Create a task planning on Deskero’s internal calendar
    Task analytics Check performance on task completion and find out who are the most efficient agents
  • Scenario execution
    Predefined scenarios Predefined automated functions that manage the most common ticket situations
    Custom scenarios Create personal business scenario specific for your company
  • Multilingual
    English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Hindi, Telugu, Russian, Chinese (mandarin), Portuguese, Brazilian, Arabic 1 Soon also: Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish
    Multi-lingual content for customer portal Create and manage multi-lingual content for the customer portal
  • Smart social integration
    Facebook import Create ticket from post on Facebook wall on configured Facebook pages and accounts
    Facebook private messages import Create ticket from private messages on configured Facebook pages and accounts
    Reply to specific Facebook comments Directly reply to specific comments of a Facebook thread.
    Twitter mentions import Create ticket from mentions on configured Twitter accounts
    Twitter DM import Create ticket from direct messages on configured Twitter accounts
  • Portal customization
    Domain mapping Use your personal domain to create a more customized feel
    Colors & logo customization Personalize your help desk interface using your personal logo and brand color palette
    Customer web portal Create a web portal for your customers to insert tickets and visualize knowledge base items without having to register
    Customer portal per product Create specific web portals for each product and manage them through the same platform
    Custom email domain
  • Service level management
    Simple level targets 1 Identify personal service level targets
    Advanced level target Configure advanced service level targets
    Custom missed targets actions Configure specific missed actions that trigger alerts
    Business days & hours Define specific business hours to evaluate your team’s service level
  • Deskero Voice
    Deskero voice Receive and make phone calls directly from your browser (powered by Twilio)
    Custom phone number Activate a phone number with your local country code
    Custom hold music Configure and manage your phone system with configurable hold music
    Phone call routing Route incoming calls to different company areas, with configurable workflow patterns
    Phone call forwarding Forward calls to different agents
    Phone call logs Check incoming calls, missed calls, waiting times and agents that answered in your dashboard
  • Reporting
    Pre built reports 1 7 16+ 16+ Measure and visualise your ticket, agent and overall performance
    Export to JSON/XML Export all data regarding agents, customers, tickets and knowledge base in JSON or XML format
    Export ticket time entries in CSV/ Microsoft Excel Export the ticket chronology in CSV/Microsoft Excel
    Export customer conversation in CSV/ Microsoft Excel Export each customer conversation in CSV/Microsoft Excel format
    Custom data export Create and save custom reports, choosing which fields you want to include and on what conditions.
    Ticket report by email Daily, weekly or monthly ticket report by email (number of tickets by status for each agent)
  • Security
    Restricted access Restrict access by specific IP address
    SSL encryption SSL encryption of data transmission using HTTPS sessions
    SSL certificate hosting Host your own SSL certificate for encryption on our web server
    Remote authentication/ SSO (Single Sign-On) Use your company SSO (Single Sign-On) system to maintain your own access’ credentials
    Fully configurable permissions Define each agent and customer permission to handle tickets, knowledge base, to track time, to chat with users, etc.
    Configurable password policy Set specific global rules for your password policy
    Deskero relies on the Amazon AWS's cloud infrastructure.
    Dedicated cloud infrastructure
  • API & data portability
    Restful API You can read, insert, delete and modify all your customer, ticket, knowledge base and agent data
    Webhooks Allow constant synchronization between Deskero and any external database through an automated set of calls.
  • Mobile
  • Product Support from Deskero
    Self-service through knowledge base Free access to our support material on the website & to our knowledge base
    Self-service through web portal Access to our support site when you can get in contact through our own internal ticket system
    Email Support


    Phone Support
    First Configuration Personalized configuration with the help of our team. Free for 3+ agents.
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