Developer's Guide

Learn how to configure and use our open APIs, to
freely integrate Deskero with any other software solution!



Field name Description
id auto-generated customer id
name full name
birthDate birth date timestamp
phoneNumber phone number string
faxNumber fax number string
mobileNumber mobile number string
address full address
city city
province province
state two chars iso country code, for example GB
postalNumber postal number string
skypeAddress account skype
msnAddress account msn
gtalkAddress account gtalk
twitterAccountUrl twitter account url
facebookAccountUrl facebook account url
linkedinAccountUrl linkedin account url
googleAccountUrl google plus account url
youtubeAccountUrl youtube plus account url
registrationChannel customer source
topClient preferred customer as boolean
profilePhotoUrl auto-generated photo url, for example
profilePhotoBlob blog to upload photo
signature customer signature for tickets and replies
memo internal note
website website url
company company name
language language (en,it,es,fr) for ui and emails
account object with user credentials, see account detail
insertByAgentId id of agent that created the customer
customFields object with custom fields, see custom field detail