Developer's Guide

Learn how to configure and use our open APIs, to
freely integrate Deskero with any other software solution!

Ticket areas


Get a paginated list of ticket areas



Header Value
Authorization Bearer {{bearer}}
Accept application/json
clientId {{clientId}}

URL parameters

Field name Value Required Default
page int value for page to show false 1

Example request

$ curl \ 
  -v \
  -H "Accept: application/json" \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer 58cfg61g-1585-5c72-g35f-7fe76893ed2f" \
  -H "clientId: 51f01687e4b094c81d7b8bcdellef"

Example response

  "ticket": {
    "totalRecords": 50,
    "recordsPerPage": 25,
    "previousQuery": null,
    "nextQuery": "",
    "records": [
      See ticket area detail