Developer's Guide

Learn how to configure and use our open APIs, to
freely integrate Deskero with any other software solution!



Field name Description
id auto-generated id
title title
text full text
insertDate full text
text insert date timestamp
views views counter
insertBy agent who insert or approve the item, see agent detail
approved approval status, true/false
featured featured item, true/false
contributeBy customer who propose the item, see customer detail
area item's area, see knowledge base area detail
tags list of tags, see tag detail
attachedDocuments list of attached documents, see attached document detail
votesNumber number of votes received
votesSum sum of all votes received
score calculated score, votesSum divided by votesNumber
visibility item visibility
agentGroups list of agents group who can view this item, see agent group detail
customerCompanies list of customer company who can view this item, see customer company detail